February 19th, 2015
Envionmental: Spill Clean Up

Feb. 19th, 2015

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Today we have a company which is an “industrial products/technology” company, offering to investors a unique opportunity to participate in a leading company in the business of ownership of patents, and their development from commercialization to worldwide expansion through various business arrangements.


Protection of the environment, whether it is on land, sea, or in the air is still a growing global concern and in the 21st century, more than ever, it is imperative that effective products and services be available. Since its incorporation, the company has sought to expand its capability to package and deliver these critical resources.

The Company now seeks to form an alliance with a company that has existing global market access but lacks a truly unique environmental product such as a high volume oil spill recovery vessel in its product line.  The Company will use the experience gained by its key executives over the last few years to develop the Oil Spill Response and Recovery concept using the intellectual property (IP) owned by them, thereby providing an IP platform for industry participants to use for commercial benefit to industry and the company jointly.

The company is currently completing their prototype 40 foot unit and will be showcasing it very soon!

The stock is closely held and has less than 20 million shares outstanding. As you can see by the chart below, the stock has been moving up as the prototype is being built.

Get informed and see the potential of this technology!!

People who respond get a 17 page corporate PDF presentation and access to their very informative web site.

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News Out Today!

The Company's 40 foot Clean Ocean Vehicle Prototype has Been Completed!

Read the news at their web site!

Sector: Environment
52 Week Low: 0.20
52 Week High: 0.75
Yesterday's Close: 0.52

Capital Structure:

Issued & Outstanding: 16.7 Million
Options: 1.37 Million
Brokers Warrants: 60,500
Warrants: 1.42 Million
Fully Diluted: 19,549,698

Management & Directors: ~25%
Retail (Family and Friends) ~27%
Retail (Widely Held) ~48%
Approx. 900 Shareholders


More great Information!

A 17 page Corporate Presentation showing the technology and building of the prototype:

Access to their very informative web site and videos of the prototype!

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