June 25th, 2015
CPG / AUG / Oil Spills

May 20th, 2015

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Dear Valued Readers:

Oil is trading at about $60USD per barrel (West Texas). Over the last couple months it has been ranging between $56USD and $63USD.

In our last newsletter I focused on Crescent Point Energy [ CPG NYSE / TSX ] and near the end of my write up I wrote: "You never know, Crescent Point may even buy production as smaller companies struggle to survive with there high debt loads."

Well about a week later they announced that they were acquiring Legacy Oil & Gas Inc [ LEG TSX ] for $1.53 billion, Legacy was also on my watch list!

"Legacy is a publicly traded, light oil-weighted producer with approximately 22,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day of high-netback production, of which more than 15,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day are from conventional and unconventional plays in Crescent Point's core southeast Saskatchewan, Manitoba and North Dakota areas. The assets to be acquired include approximately 1,000 net sections of land, of which approximately 525 net sections are in southeast Saskatchewan. The southeast Saskatchewan lands include approximately 200 net sections in the emerging and highly economic Midale light oil resource play."

The company's shares dropped slightly after the deal was announced and their dividend is now at 10.12%.

Definitely a company
to keep an eye on.

Featured: Oil Spill Cleanup

Oil spills are an environmental disaster. Our Featured company has revolutionary oil spill clean up technology.

They recover oil spills along shorelines, harbours & in open waters.

- Highly Cost Effective
- Clean Ocean Vehicle
- Low per barrel recovery cost
- Rapid recovery rate
- Large on-board storage

The stock is only at .25!

They have a Letter of Intent with two Mexico companies for possible expansion into Mexico.

[ Get Info ] on this company and our past featured companies.


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In our February 2nd e-Bulletin I featured my favorite small cap explorer for 2015. I also stated I owned a lot of it at about .88/share average. All purchased in the markets.

Auryn Resources [ AUR TSX Venture ] was trading at $1.13CA in that eBulletin. The company is now at $1.43CA and has hit a high of $1.56CA recently.
[ CHART & Quote ]

Here is a recent interview with the CEO by the Gold report. Give it a read [ Here ].

There hasn't been much news lately, I'm thinking we are do for some soon. It is all about the project and the very solid management and geological team. I'm holding.

Do your own research, these are my opinions and are NOT a recommendation to buy or sell.

Have a great rest of the week!

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